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Vacation Postcard

Our latest vacation was the best ever!

What a wonderful vacation to Thailand! This site is my way to share the experience with everyone. We'll include our itinerary, best memories, and favorite pictures.

Favorite Sights

On my extended 6 month trip to Thailand I got a first look at what a greedy ladyboy had done to her farrang boyfriend. I didn’t know him personally but I knew his neighbors. He worked in Bangkok and came to Phuket at weekends to see his ladyboy girlfriend. Their relationship was already rocky and they were working towards agreeing an amicable split. They owned the house together but there was still an outstanding mortgage.

One weekend he returned home to find it deserted with the ladyboy and all. Everything of value was gone. He was confused and started looking for an explanation. He was soon given one by a bank representative who arrived shortly afterwards. The bank has repossessed the house.

"That cannot be" said this guy. "I pay the mortgage every month." The bank guy explained - "that mortgage is with a different bank. The co-owner (his kathoey girlfriend) took a second mortgage on the property and she has not paid."

The farang guy realized he was totally screwed. He started looking for a way out but there was none. Can I take over the payments? It is too late. I will get a lawyer! It is too late. We have been taking action for months. It is finished now.

In a blind fury, this farang guy started smashing up the house. The bank called the police and they arrested him. The house was no longer his property so he would have to pay for the damages.

Over the next few days, the full extent of his ladyboy girlfriend’s treachery became apparent. She had not only taken a second mortgage on the property but also she had used it as collateral for
a loan from the local mafia. She had taken the money and disappeared. There were now two banks and the local mafia arguing over who had claim to his house.

I had met the kathoey only once a few weeks before. She came around our house asking for a 100,000-baht loan. She said she would write up a contract and pay back 110,000 baht the very
next week. Naturally, we refused this generous offer. She must have known even then that she had no intention of paying. She carried on doing the rounds until she found a sucker willing to give the loan. It was actually a local Thai guy she fleeced.

It is a small world. Another friend of mine recently met this farang guy working offshore. He was working all the hours he could get to pay off his debts. The bank with the original mortgage has insisted he must pay it off or they will have him blacklisted from Thailand. He still loves Thailand and his life here and does not want to be blacklisted. All this because he couldn’t resist the ladyboy hag.

Lakefront cottage; Size=240 pixels wide

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